All of the basics plus other items to be used for breakfast, lunch and snack. This larger box will have everything in the Basics Box plus an additional fruit item, a rotating selection of pizza dough, tortillas or flatbreads, a prepared breakfast treat or mix from the Bitter Baker, a snack or two, and a pantry item like jam, honey or salsa. This box will of course be thoughtfully curated with items that will pair well with each other - like tortillas and salsa, pizza dough and marinara or blueberries and scone mix. We are especially excited about this box because it will give us an opportunity to feature items that we wouldn't usually put into Locavore Boxes - like Breadfarm Graham Crackers, Waffle Mix from The Bitter Baker or Dried Fruit from Pipitone Farms. And, we are always on the hunt for exciting new suppliers... can't wait to share them with you!

With this box you can stock your freezer with sustainably raised meats. This is the perfect once a month add on to your regular Locavore Box and a great way to make some of the vegetarian Locavore Meals a little meatier. There will always be the essentials, like ground beef and ground pork, and we will also feature specialty cuts that are only available to us in small quantities such as ribs, steaks and roasts. Each meat share will also include a breakfast meat [bacon or sausage] as well. 

This box will be offered once a month and supplies will be limited, so be sure to order quickly. We are bound to sell out fast!

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