Turn Your Locavore Box Into a Readymade

Take a few hours on Thursday night or over the weekend to get a jump start on cooking your Locavore Meals!

Last week I spent a few hours on Sunday morning slicing, chopping, simmering and shredding and partially prepared my entire Large Locavore Box. After quickly reading through the menu and all the recipes, I made a list of all of the tasks that could be done ahead of time.

For this particular box I was able to fully prepare two meals [the cauliflower soup and the curry] and get significant head starts on the other three meals. Here's how it broke down::

MEAL 1:: Fusilli with Garlicky Kale Raab [chopped kale]

MEAL 2:: Cauliflower Soup [fully prepared the soup]

MEAL 3:: Kale Quesadillas with Spiced Pinto Beans [kale + onions sautéed, cheese shredded, beans fully prepared]

MEAL 4:: Pork Potstickers [veggies shredded for slaw, veggies prepped for potstickers]

MEAL 5:: Shrimp Curry [curry fully prepared]

My leisurely Sunday morning spent in the kitchen yielded a stack of neatly packed glass containers that wound up saving me a TON of time during the week. Consolidating most of the preparations into a single session also reduced clean up time during the week. Instead of washing my salad spinner, food processor, knives, cutting boards, etc. nightly, I did it once on Sunday.

It was so nice to just open the fridge on a busy weeknight, gather my prepared ingredients and have dinner on the table in just a few minutes. Definitely time well spent!

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