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Some weeks it seems like it is nothing short of magic that enables us to pack and deliver hundreds of boxes to our customers. It isn’t magic though, it’s the hard work of an incredibly dedicated crew.
Starting months and weeks before a box is even delivered, our team is planning and forecasting with farmers and producers to make sure that we have amazing local food to fill our boxes week after week.
After orders are tallied each Monday, a series of events is set into motion with everything happening at what seems like lightning speed. Vendor orders are placed and signal to the farmers that it’s time to harvest, to the cheese makers that it’s time to start cutting and wrapping and to the breadmakers that it’s time to start mixing and shaping.

Over the next few days more than 10,000 individual items will be received at our warehouse then portioned, packaged or otherwise prepared to be put into a Locavore Box come Thursday.

The crew arrives in the early morning hours on Thursday and works at an astonishingly quick pace to pack the hundreds of Locavore Boxes, Salad Kits and Cookie Kits that will be on the doorsteps of our customers within hours.

Once every single one of those 10,000 items has found its place in the correct box or bag, our delivery drivers arrive, carefully pack their vehicles and head throughout the county and beyond to bring dinner to your doorstep.
And on days like yesterday, when Murphy’s Law was in full effect and the perfect storm of calamities is hitting us full force, it is amazing to see our entire team – from packers to drivers to staff (and even our own kids!)– pulling together and going above and beyond to get the job done.

We are so grateful for our team and our community of producers who make all that we do possible! 

~ Cara + Joy

Here's a peek at what's coming in next week's boxes...

Bellewood Acres Cider

ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Apple Cider + FREE Mulling Spice if you order on Friday, Jonagold Apples, Halloween Cookie Kit, Bacon and Ham
READYMADE:: Portobello Bourguignon, Brats + Kraut, Chorizo + Sweet Potato Chili
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Veggie Soup + Rosy Rolls, Pork and Beef Ravioli + Marinara, Italian Sausage + Squash
BEYOND:: Bitter Baker Pumplin Quick Bread Mix, Bagels + Cream Cheese, Albina Nuts and more...
BASICS:: Samish River Potato Bread, Yogurt, Fruit, Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Chicken [large + turf] Cod [large + surf]

ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Pizza Kit, Apples, Steak, Eggs
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Veggie Soup + Rosy Rolls, Pork and Beef Ravioli + Marinara, Italian Sausage + Squash
BASICS:: Campagne Loaf, Greek Yogurt, Fruit, Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Ground Beef [large + turf] Cod [large + surf]

For these items, place your order by Sunday night for deliver on Thursday, Oct 27th!

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