This time of year it seems as though everyone and everything that has been in hibernation for the last 4 or 5 months is waking up.

Sunny days – even though they aren’t yet the warmest days – pull people from their houses and out into their yards to begin tending the garden. We check on the bulbs that have been sleeping since the fall, watching the progression of blooms from crocus to daffodil and then tulip. With anticipation we wait for the lilacs to bloom, releasing their fragrance – a telltale sign that spring is here. We assess the toll that a harsh winter has taken on our perennials and start dreaming about new additions to our landscape. Blossoms appear on the fruit trees and strawberry plants, promising us juicy fruit in the months ahead.
In our world of local food we are reconnecting with farmers as they begin to once again harvest from their fields. We learn of new and exciting crops being trialed this year and anticipate their arrival later in the season. And, just as reserves of storage crops like onions and garlic run out, the first of the spring onions and green garlic come out of the fields.

Look for signs of spring in this week's boxes.

Your Local Food Forecast for the Week....


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Skagit River Ranch Bacon, Grassfed Beef Grill Pack, Smoked Salmon, Tuna Medallions, Crab, Tulips, Chicken Curry Sausage with Peanut Sauce, Corn Muffin Breakfast Kit, Molasses Cookie Dough, 

READYMADE:: French Dip with Mushroom Au Jus, Sicilian Style Tuna with Tapenade*, Huevos Rancheros *Also this week's Mini Ready Made

SALAD KIT:: Farro + Beet Salad Farro, Golden Beets, Whatcom White Cheese, Tender Spring Greens

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Smoked Salmon + Fromage Sandwiches, Spinach + Cheddar Dutch Baby, Ground Beef Tacos

BASICS:: House White, Samish Bay Yogurt, Frozen Bow Hill Blueberries, Eggs

LOCAVORE BOXES:: Large - Ground Pork + Coho Salmon Turf - Ground Pork  Surf - Coho Salmon

G+DF:: Ground Pork*, Coho Salmon*, Ground Beef, Pork Kabob*, Beef Roast (*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Deck Family Farm Pork Shares, Beef Shares, Whole Chickens, GF Breads + Pasta, Roast Beef Sandwich Lunch Kit, 

READYMADE:: Pasta with Pork Bolognese, Kale + White Bean Soup *ON SALE*

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Smoked Salmon + Fromage Sandwiches, Spinach + Cheddar Frittata, Ground Beef Tacos

BASICS:: Pain Complet, Yogurt, Frozen Blueberries, Eggs

LOCAVORE BOXES:: Large - Deck Family Farm Ground Pork + Yakobi Fishes Salmon Turf - Deck Family Farm Ground Pork Surf - Yakobi Fishes Salmon 

G+DF:: Ground Pork*, Coho Salmon*, Ground Beef, Pork Kabob*, Beef Roast (*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)

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