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When you place your weekly order with ACME Farms + Kitchen your purchase supports nearly 50 local families! From the farmers and food producers that grow and make the food in the box, to the employees that fill orders, pack boxes and deliver it all to your door, everyone benefits! They benefit from the income and heartfelt community support for a job well done.

Your family benefits too from delicious home cooked meals. By bringing nutritious, locally sourced food to your table you feed both your belly and soul by making a positive impact.

It's quite amazing that something as simple as choosing to buy your weekly groceries from a local source can make such a big difference in all of our lives. By making this choice you're shaping a prosperous and healthy future for our community, your family and for yourself. 

This holiday season, we hope that you'll continue to support local businesses. It really does make a big difference for all of us.

~ The ACME Team 

Need help with your holiday shopping list year?

Movie Night Gift Box

Don't forget about our Local Gift Boxes, we've got something for everyone and ship anywhere in the U.S.!

ACME Farms + Kitchen Gift Boxes

In Bellingham or visiting soon? Stop by our Gift Local Pop Up Shop at 1230 Cornwall Ave. Choose gifts for everyone on your list from our selection of favorite local treats or stock up on our baking mixes and frozen doughs. Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through Dec 23rd.

ACME Farms + Kitchen Pop Up Shop

Here's a peek at what's coming in next week's boxes...

ACME Farms + Kitchen Holiday Kits 


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Entertainment Kit, Brunch Kit, Cookie Kit, New Snow Day Kit, Wreath (back this week), Pears

READYMADE:: Miso Ramen , Chorizo + Potato Tacos, Winter Squash Risotto

SALAD KIT:: Southwestern: Lettuce, Queso Fresco, Chile-Roasted Sweet Potato, Seasoned Black Beans, Tortilla Crisps, and Creamy Chipotle Dressing

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Pork Turnovers, Italian Eggs over Polenta, Baked Potatoes with Bacon + Broccoli

BEYOND:: Overnight Waffle Mix, Butter, Tortillas, New Moon Jack Cheese, and Salsa

BASICS:: Samish River Potato Bread, Jack Cheese, Apples, Dozen Eggs

LOCAVORE BOXES:: Beef Stew Meat [large + turf] Oysters [large + surf]

Claudia Bernal 

Bellingham Friends! Drop by our Pop Up Shop for Art Walk this Friday night, Dec 2nd. We're proud to feature works by local artist Claudia Bernal. Come for the art and to shop from our handpicked selection of local treats! Find us at 1230 Cornwall Ave.


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Cookie Kits, Pears

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Pork Turnovers, Italian Eggs over Polenta, Baked Potatoes with

Bacon + Broccoli

BASICS:: Pain Levain LoafEola Jack CheeseApplesDozen Eggs

LOCAVORE BOXES:: Beef Stew Meat [large + turf] Oysters [large + surf]

Portland Friends! Come see us today, Friday 2nd at the German Holiday Market. We'll be there with our full line of baking mixes and frozen doughs including an assortment of cookie dough, pie dough, scones and more. Stock your freezer for upcoming holiday meals and gatherings!

PopUp Happy Hour

Plans for Thursday night? Join ACME Farms + Kitchen at the 
PopUp Happy Hour + Holiday Market at NobHill Christmas Trees on Thursday, Dec 8th.

Ready to order! Visit our SHOP Page! 

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