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ACME Farms + Kitchen is dedicated to making the lowest impact possible on the environment.

From the very beginning, the impact of every aspect of the business has been taken into consideration. While it’s not always easy to do everything perfectly, we are dedicated to bringing you and your family healthy, clean food in the most responsible way. It’s important to all of the employees at AF+K that the convenience we bring doesn’t come at a larger cost for our community.

Here are some of the things we do to lighten the load on Mother Earth: 

Ordering and Measuring Exactly What is Needed 

Each week after the order deadline passes we calculate exactly how much food we need to order from our farmers and producers to fill your boxes. By ordering a majority of what we need based on actual numbers rather than projections we’re able to keep excess to a minimum. This means less food goes to waste. 

We also prevent excessive food waste by providing exactly what you need in your boxes to make your meals. For example, we give you the exact amount of dried beans you’ll need, enough tortillas for dinner, a half a bunch of herbs, etc. We do our best to provide the right amount of ingredients and often portion items out to avoid providing too much of something that might go unused.

The United Nations Environment Programme and World Resources Institute report in the USA organic waste is the second highest component of landfills, which are the largest source of methane emissions. They also report, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 lbs of food per person per month!

On the rare occasion we have more food than we can use, we make a donation to our local food bank rather than letting it go to waste.

Minimizing Food Miles and Emissions

The food we order and deliver travels dozens of miles, not hundreds or thousands, from farmer/producer, to warehouse, to your door. It doesn’t travel across the country or around the world creating greater emissions or requiring intensive refrigeration.

The emissions created by the food we sell is also reduced in comparison to options at traditional stores because we sell produce that is currently in season. Items that are grown out of season in greenhouses have a tremendous impact on emissions. It takes a lot of energy to grow a tomato or pepper in the winter and then even more to have it shipped from far away. 

Responsible Packaging

We keep our packaging minimal and sustainable using a simple cardboard box and reusable ice packs. We deliver milk in glass bottles and portion items into kraft paper or compostable bags. Minimal packaging means minimal waste. And because our boxes don’t travel for days to get to your doorstep we don’t need insulated coolers or Styrofoam.

In fact, we’re so conscious of waste, we ask our customers to leave boxes, ice packs and glass bottles out for us on their day of delivery so our drivers can happily pick them up and bring them back to the warehouse for reuse.

Any other prepackaged items that may arrive in your boxes comes in materials that can easily be recycled or composted curb side or even reused.

Warehouse Operations and a Caring Staff

Behind the scenes AF+K staff are committed to a nearly waste free work space. Our crew reuses, reduces, and recycles, are dedicated to using environmentally responsible cleaning methods and supplies, and many commute to work by bike as well.

In celebration of Earth Day we thank you for supporting us so we can continue to lessen our collective impact and be good stewards.

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