As customers of ACME Farms + Kitchen for the last 5 years [in addition to being owners], we have come to mark the seasons and holidays by our weekly Locavore Box deliveries.

Our families look forward to favorite meals that come only once a year  - to celebrate a festive occasion or mark the short lived harvest of a particular item. In the spring we look forward to Pizza with Fromage Blanc and Asparagus. In June, we anxiously await the harvest of shelling peas so that we can enjoy our all time favorite, Pasta with Smoked Salmon and Peas.
This week, our Locavore and Beyond Boxes will be paying tribute (in our own, locally inspired way) to Oktoberfest. Feast on traditional Bratwurst with Sauerkraut + Potatoes or easily bake up a batch of Pretzels with Krista’s Baking Company Pretzel Mix and serve with Mustard + Co mustard and sharp cheddar cheese.

Bellingham + Seattle friends, be sure to place your order this Friday, 30th to be entered to win a nights stay in Leavenworth at the Sleeping Lady Resort

Portland friends, come out and see us at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry | OMSI Harvest Fest this Sunday, Oct 2nd!


~ Cara + Joy

Here's a peek at what's coming in next week's boxes...

ACME Farms + Kitchen Pears

ACME Farms + Kitchen Coffee

Photo credit: Tiffany Brooks Photography

ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Pears, Bellingham Coffee Roasters Coffee, Raspberry Shortcake Kit and Eggs 
READYMADE:: Goan Curry with Spot Prawns, Shepherd’s Pie, and Black Bean Burgers 
SALAD KIT:: Potato Salad
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Beef Tacos, Italian Sausage Handpies, and Thai Peanut Noodles
BEYOND:: Krista's Baking Co Pretzel Mix + Mustard, Rachel's Ginger Beer, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Jonagold Apples
BASICS:: Monster White Loaf, 32oz Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Pork Bratwurst [large + turf] Smoked Salmon [large + surf]

ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Pears, Happy Cup Coffee, Muffin Kit + Seafood Sale! 
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Beef Tacos, Italian Sausage Handpies, and Thai Peanut Noodles
BASICS:: Campagne Pain au Levain Loaf, 32oz Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Pork Bratwurst [large + turf] Smoked Salmon [large + surf]

For these items, place your order by Sunday night for deliver on Thursday, Oct 6th!

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