Chubby Bunny Farm Founder and Top Bean, Michael Deitering harvesting kale.

PRODUCER:: Chubby Bunny Farm

LOCATION:: Everson, Washington

PRODUCTS:: Fresh, seasonal produce! 

When asked, Michael tells me that Chubby Bunny Farm grows primarily mixed vegetables including basil, tomatoes, and beets at their farm near Everson, Washington. He also explains as the Founder and Top Bean at Chubby Bunny, that the farm began in the fall of 2014, as his agricultural internship was winding down.

Melina Meave works the Chubby Bunny Farm booth at the Ferndale Farmers Market.

Since the farm's inception, the focus of the farm has been to provide healthy food to those living and thriving in Western Washington through the Ferndale Farmers Market, local outlets such as Acme Farms + Kitchen, and local food banks. 

We know that farmers eat some of the best food around, so I asked Michael about his favorite meals. He shared, “Although seasonal produce is always a spotlight at the dinner table, a fresh Caprese Sandwhich is what powers the growers these long summer days. Thinly sliced plum tomatoes (we prefer the Stupice* variety from Territorial Seed) adorned with fresh basil leaves and a crumble of farmer's cheese fills bellies and rejuvenates hearts.” 

*Chubby Bunny’s Stupice tomatoes were included in last week’s Locavore Boxes. I can confirm these tomatoes that Michael describes as, “early, tasty, and abundant” can definitely become a seasonal favorite! 

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