Signs of Spring....

It is pretty evident that Mother Nature is in flux right now as the season transitions from Winter to Spring. We are all certainly noticing the obvious signs of this with crazy weather, budding crocuses and waking to the sounds of birds in the morning. In our “local food world” we are seeing other, more subtle, tell-tale signs that Spring is (slowly) approaching.
During the short, cold days of Winter, hens lay less eggs. Our supply is limited and somewhat unpredictable. You may have noticed less egg-based meals in Locavore Boxes this winter or an occasion where we had to substitute Organic eggs. As the days get longer and warmer, the hens’ production increases and suddenly we find ourselves with an abundance of eggs! Portland + Seattle Customers - reap the benefits of longer days and happy hens with this week’s “Egg-stravaganza” – 3 dozen local, pasture-raised eggs for $20!
This is also the time of year that we need to bid farewell to Apples and Pears and patiently await the first strawberry harvest. The fall fruit that was harvested in the September and October and carefully stored, is now running out. Our fruit shares will be on hiatus until that joyous day in June (or maybe even May!) when we source the first bright red strawberries of the year! 

We are counting down the days 'til Asparagus and Rhubarb and Spring Onions! 

Your Local Food Forecast for the Week....


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: St Patrick's Day Dinner Kit, Irish Soda Bread Kit, Sausage, Crab, Eggs (Special Price - 3 dozen for $20!), Cranberry Walnut Scones
READYMADE:: Shepherd's Pie*, Mushroom + Sweet Potato RisottoSmoked Salmon Chowder *Mini Ready Made 
SALAD KIT:: Chinois Salad Roasted TofuRomaine LettuceShredded VegetablesCrispy Wonton Strips, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Sesame + Ginger Dressing
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Vegetable Chow Mein, Winter BLTs, Chorizo + Potato Tacos
BASICS:: House White, Jack Cheese, Frozen Blueberries, Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Ground Beef [Large + Turf] Albacore Tuna [Large + Surf]
G+DF:: Ground Beef*, Tuna Medallions*, Beef Stew*, Breakfast Sausage*, Pork Chops (*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)


ADD TO YOUR ORDER:: Irish Soda Bread Mix, Sausage, Rockfish, Pancakes for Breakfast
QUICK + SIMPLE:: Vegetable Chow Mein, Grilled Ham + Cheese with Apples, Chorizo + Potato Tacos
BASICS:: Pain au Levain, Jack Cheese, Frozen Blueberries, Eggs
LOCAVORE BOXES:: Ground Beef [Large + Turf] Tuna Medallios [Large + Surf]
G+DF:: Ground Beef*, Tuna Medallions*, Beef Stew*, Country Sausage*, Pork Chops (*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)

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