TREAT YOURSELF! Chocolate for a Good Cause + Flowers!

Reports coming in from farmers are indicating that this spring is about 3 to 5 weeks behind schedule (compared to where we were last year). That means that our much anticipated springtime favorites are still a few weeks away.
Fear not! We have some treats this week to help you wait things out. Treat yourself to a Himalayan Sea Salt Chocolate Bar from BIJA* (and support women owned businesses around the globe) and a bunch of bright Ranunculus from Springtime Farm (Bellingham  + Seattle) or Tulips (Portland)!

*BIJA is a business and social enterprise located in Ferndale that uses their chocolate bars to raise awareness to the human cost of chocolate and provide economic opportunities to communities around the world who have a hand in growing the chocolate we consume.
They are attempting to change the game and rewrite the way cacao is sourced and how the growers and producers harvesting and processing cacao are treated throughout the process. By working directly with women-run, organic cooperatives along the equatorial belt, BIJA has built strong direct-trade partnerships that have increased economic prosperity in cacao-growing communities, positively impacting the lives of over 25,000 people.
The result is high quality, delicious chocolate that supports families, community + culture. Win Win!

Check out this video for more on BIJA's mission.

Your Local Food Forecast for the Week....


BREAKFAST:: Bagels, Breakfast Sandwich Kit

LUNCH + DINNER:: Crown S Ranch Pork Handpies, Thai Shrimp Curry Kit

SNACKS + DESSERT:: Rachel's Ginger Beer (White Peach!), Linzer Cookie Kit, Cran-Pistachio Loaf MixHealthy Snack Kit (Flatbread, Jack Cheese, Hummus, Carrots), BIJA Chocolate Bar, Ranunculus

MEAT + FISH:: Deck Family Farm Pastrami +  Crown S Ranch Chorizo (perfect to add to this week's taco meal!)

 Thai Style Beef Lettuce Wraps*, Samosa Galette, Cajun Dinner *Also this week's Mini Ready Made

SALAD KIT:: Lentil + Potato Salad Fingerling Potatoes, French Lentils, Arugula, Hard-Cooked Eggs, Dijon + Cornichon Vinaigrette

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Shrimp Tacos, Quick Ground Pork Stirfry, Rolled Spinach + Cheddar Omelet

BASICS:: Proven House White, Cheddar, Frozen Blueberries, Eggs

LOCAVORE BOXES:: Large - Ground Beef + Bacon Turf - Ground Beef Surf - Alaskan Cod

G+DF:: Pork Chops, Ground Chicken*, Shrimp, Hot Italian Sausage*, Ground Beef*(*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)


BREAKFAST:: Bagels (6 assort. Spielman Bagels), Breakfast Sandwich Kit (Bagels, Eggs, Cheddar), Blueberry Pancake Kit (Frozen Blueberries, Oat Pancake Mix, Butter)

PANTRY ITEMS:: Wild Friends Peanut Butter, Mustard & Co Mustard, Cardamom Hills Chutney, Sweet Creek Enchilada + Tomato Sauces, Happy Cup Coffee

SNACKS + DESSERT:: Rachel's Ginger Beer, San Juan Island Popcorn Salt, BIJA Chocolate Bar, Tulips

MEAT + FISH:: Deck Family Farm Italian Sausage + Chorizo (perfect to add to this week's tacos!), Seafood Producers Coop Salmon Burger, Lummi Island Wild Tuna Medallions

QUICK + SIMPLE:: Shrimp Tacos, Quick Ground Pork Stirfry, Rolled Spinach + Cheddar Omelet

House White, Cheddar, Frozen Blueberries, Eggs

 - Ground Beef + Canadian Bacon Turf - Ground Beef Surf - Alaskan Cod

Pork Chops, Ground Lamb*, Shrimp, Hot Italian Sausage*, Ground Beef*(*These proteins will be in the Small G+DF)Ready to order!

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